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Natureza Viva Administrative Area 

3.7 acres including The Forest House, Pool, Wooden Deck,  The Green Apartment, 7 Stables, Odon House, Chicken House, Water Tanks and View Point, 150 Fruit Trees, Solar Panels, Storage Area. 


Forest House

This is the main house on the property, with 335m2 (3,605 Sq Ft) has all the comforts to make you feel happy and at home. On the second floor you will find three spacious bedrooms (one of which is a master bedroom), a library and chill out area, a service room with a washer and dryer, wooden floors provide a warm feeling.  The first floor has a fully equipped kitchen, large living room space, and a TV / Game room. 

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 The Forest House   Simplicity and Charm 








The Master-Bedroom is spacious, with a king size bed, overlooks the beautiful Virilla River Canyon that undulates into to horizon, an adjacent meditation room, walk in closet with masterful hardwood tailor made cabinets and drawers, a Jacuzzi for two people and an adjacent shower, toilets and a bidet, all with incredible vistas of the forest. 


Guest Bedrooms

Each guest bedroom has a unique advantageous position in the house, with windows overlooking the forest, it is spacious with an adjacent full bathroom. 


Living room

The living room walls are floor to ceiling glass, giving you the feeling that you are immersed in nature while staying inside. Watch the clouds pass through in the evening time, and the natural sun rays warm the living room during day time. The glass ceiling provides for natural light during the day. 



The Kitchen is fully equipped with four, high potency gas burners, a large fridge, gas operated oven, a dishwasher, and a sophisticated system of hardwood cabinets that provides you an ample space for all your pots, pans, utensils and other kitchenware. There are two sinks for extra comfort and a large breakfast bar to have your breakfast. 



There is a 45ft x 15ft pool, with yearly temperatures permitting you to enjoy the pool year around. It's the perfect place to host friends on a sunny day in March (Costa Rica’s dry season), have a BBQ, watch the sunset and listen to the forest's everlasting sounds. 



An adjacent wooden deck to the Forest House provides a space to enjoy a morning Yoga Practice, Meditation, sit with a book or engage in writing while birds and butterflies make for pleasant company. 


Green Apartment
Apartment Kitchen
Apartment Bedroom
Apartment Kitchen

A one bedroom apartment with a full bathroom and a kitchenette. Perfect for hosting friends or family on a visit to Natureza Viva. 45m2

45 Ft. Pool 

The pool area provides for expansive views of the valley and forest, as well as ample space to lounge, enjoy the morning and midday sun, swim and refresh in the chilled water. 

It's also a great area to host friends, have a BBQ on a weekend. 


Odon House

The Odon House, is the caretaker house, it has two bedrooms, one full bathroom and a living room connected to the kitchen. 

It can be left as is for a new caretaker or remodeled. 70m2

Seven Stabels 

Chicken House and Nursery